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FAO Authors

Hello author. We like you. For without you, we would have very little to sell.


There are around 100 schools that we work with in the surrounding area and we love visiting them with authors. I know. You're an author, why don't you get in touch with us and maybe we can arrange for a few school visits? 
Having organised hundreds of these, we've got a pretty robust system in place, that ensures that the both the authors and the school get the most out of the visits (including book sales).
The benefit that these visits offer children is huge. Books are brought to life and they get to meet a REAL AUTHOR!! 

If you're a kids' author and you think this is something you'd be interested in doing, please get in touch (


Would you like to do an event at our bookshop ?

  Since we opened in March 2008 we have done well over 300 author events, both in and out of the bookshop. We really enjoy doing them and we'd like to do more this year. If you have a book coming out which you think our customers would be interested in reading, please get in touch. We've done all sorts of events and we can accomodate anything up to 50 people in the bookshop.

We have bigger venues available too, where we can fit audiences of up to 400, so if you like the sound of the shop and think it's the kind of place you'd like to appear, we are a phonecall ( 020 8881 6767 ) or an email ( ) away.