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Local Stuff We Like

 This page is dedicated to celebrate some of the great stuff that happens in and around Haringey. If you have any more suggestions for this page, please get in touch.

(your man at the market)
Every Wednesday & Friday Mark heads off to Smithfield or Billingsgate at 3 in the morning & fights his way through the wholesalers to pick the best fresh meat & fish for you. The quality he can find for you is much more important than the fantastic price and, if you’re in London, he’ll get you your order within hours, market-fresh and chilled.

Give him a call, or email him (and if you mention the Big Green Bookshop, he'll give you 10% off your first order!)
07939 526 202
Check out his website here or subscribe to his weekly Newsletter, with details of all the brilliant stuff he can get.