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The Sentinel Mage by Emily Gee
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The Sentinel Mage by Emily Gee

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Chosen for February by Liz De Jager

The Sentinel Mage by Emily Gee


I read The Sentinel Mage within a few long luxurious sittings.  It came in and I fell under the sway of the cover and soon I was swept off my feet into the world of The Seven Kingdoms. 

It is traditional fantasy fare - shapeshifters, magic, princes, assassins, plagues, quests, undead things…you know, the usual.  But what lifts it high above the mundane is Ms. Gee's excellent writing.  We swoop in to be part of Prince Harkeld's party as they travel ever onwards, first to escape his father's soldiers as they run from the kingdom of Osgaard, then to escape assassins and various other creatures bent on killing Harkeld before he succeeds in his quest. 

                Next we are party to Harkeld's half sister Britta's life in the palace.  She is pawned off to Duke Rikard as wife and it is not something she has any say over.  It is only through Britta's bondservant Yasma's clever thinking that Britta sustains her sanity following the short weeks after her marriage as she is basically raped several times a day by her new husband.  I liked Britta, I loved her quiet but clever bondservant Yasma and I thought that Britta's armsman (bodyguard) Karel was wonderfully characterised.          The three of them form a valuable counter-point to Harkeld's travels with the mages.   

                There is real menace throughout the novel, both from external threats as well as within Harkeld's group of mages.  Of course Britta's situation in the palace is awful as she uncovers some awful goings on herself and I rooted for her so much, it was unbelievable.  I have no idea where Ms. Gee will be doing with Britta in books 2 and 3 but I hope she comes out on top, along with her armsman and servant.  They are a great trio and I truly think they are my favourites in The Sentinel Mage.  

                There is a lot going on in The Sentinel Mage and I genuinely fell for the characters.  I thought the plot and story was strong and the magic made sense.  As the first book of The Cursed Kingdom trilogy it is rock solid and well written.  Emily Gee is a fantastically talented writer that makes writing fantasy look easy. 




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