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Two Little Boys by Duncan Sarkies
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Two Little Boys by Duncan Sarkies

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Chosen for February by Lisa Glass of Vulpes Libris

Two Little Boys by Duncan Sarkies is a study of a seriously juvenile friendship. Part moving bromance, part gross-out-roadtrip, this novel will both offend and delight.
     When no-hoper Nige accidentally runs over a Norwegian backpacker while attempting to save petrol, his life is turned upside down. Panicking, he disposes of the body in a roadworks and turns to his best friend since childhood, Deano. The trouble is, Deano is even more dysfunctional than Nige, and Deano's involvement makes the situation a whole lot worse.
     Nige is one of the most stupid heroes I’ve ever encountered in a work of fiction and yet possibly one of the most endearing, if that can be said of a character who accidentally kills a tourist and then takes part in a ridiculous cover-up that involves stuffing a body into a rucksack and disposing of it in a most indecorous manner. In terms of snappy comic dialogue, there are echoes of Flight of the Conchords here (Deano has some of the funniest lines ever to appear in a novel), and interestingly, Jemaine Clement has provided Two Little Boys with a cover quote (‘Twisted, surprising and very very very funny. Did I put too many verys? I don’t think so‘).
     Surprisingly, beneath the dimwit bluster and creepster banter there is a very tender story of male friendship, and a thread (perhaps a tapestry) of homoeroticism. If you’re fond of that comical breed, ‘The Kiwi Slacker’, or if you giggled through off-the-wall indie film Eagle Vs Shark then you might just enjoy Two Little Boys.

Lisa Glass is a book blogger for Vulpes Libris and an author of dark literary fiction. Her website is at



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