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Eric is Awake by Dom Shaw
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Eric is Awake by Dom Shaw

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 Here's a novel that should be a massive bestseller, but hasn't been picked up by the big publishers. Yet.
"Shortly after midnight on the 21st January 1950, the man known to his readers as George Orwell and to his new bride Sonia, as Eric Arthur Blair, breathes his last in a small side ward of the University College Hospital. Beside his bed, his bags are packed for a trip to Switzerland. He is alone and afraid. 

Shortly after midnight on the 21st January 20--, in a country with 4.2 million CCTV devices - one for every 14 people in the country, a security camera captures a homeless tramp with a high forehead and thin moustache, dying of hypothermia in an alley beside an Islington pub on a snowy winter night. As his dying breath vaporizes in the freezing air, he grows cold. The warm vapour of his final exhalation travels upwards to dissipate in the atmosphere, but instead, coalesces and descends again to the cold blue lips of the man lying in the alley. He takes a breath and the tramp’s body warms as a new occupant moves in.
Eric is awake"
Smart, accessible, and thought provoking, the voice of George Orwell is captured perfectly. It almost feels like you are reading a lost story by the great man himself. Dom Shaw certainly knows how to write, and the journey Eric takes with his somewhat reluctant  compadre Pedro is both funny, touching and all to real.

You can read more about the book on the ERIC IS AWAKE website


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