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Alexander's Journey by Jeff W Goodwin
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Alexander's Journey by Jeff W Goodwin

Product Information

 This is a story of a young boy's courage and positivity and a family's reluctance to accept the choices given to him. A story of good people coming together in bad circumstances and how one small boy who loves owls and cares more for others than himself won the hearts of people all over the world. The story tells of triumph over adversity, the kindness of strangers, and how life's mosaic comes together when all, including faith, appears lost.

Alexander Goodwin is a young British boy who has a passion for nature, science and conservation. Christmas 2015 at just eight years of age he began struggling with constant leg pain. He was misdiagnosed for six months until finally being told he had a rare form of cancer of the pelvis and right leg. By that time, in constant pain and deteriorating rapidly, Alexander was confined to a wheelchair. Being informed of 2016 by doctors in England that he may have just months to live and any surgery would reduce the quality of time he had left, his father, a Police Officer in the U.K. reached out to his brothers in blue across the Atlantic. After just a few weeks the family found themselves in America's mid-west receiving treatment from a calibration of specialists from hospitals in two states as well as support from strangers that would create great bonds of friendship. This is Alexander's journey through darkness into light. Including 92 minute DVD documentary.

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