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My Guardian Demon
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My Guardian Demon

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 My Guardian Demon: Letters of André Tchaikowsky and Halina Janowska 1956-1982 by Anita Halina Janowska

While not exactly a biography, My Guardian Demon is a book of letters written between André Tchaikowsky and Anita Halina Janowska that covers a period of nearly 35 years, and is as revealing as any biography

"These letters between the pianist André Tchaikowsky and his closest friend Halina Janowska, form a narrative which is almost a love story and yet, at the same time, rather more than a love story. By turns tender, wise, frustrating and often deeply, this is a book which will make you think about that dangerous but fascinating where friendship and romantic love overlap." Jonathan Coe, author of Expo 58

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