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Ruth & Martin's Album Club by Martin Fitzgerald
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Ruth & Martin's Album Club by Martin Fitzgerald

Product Information

 The concept behind the Ruth and Martin's Album Club blog is simple: Make people listen to a classic album they've never heard before. Make them listen to it two more times. Get them to explain why they never bothered with it before.

Then ask them to review it. What began as a simple whim quickly grew in popularity, and now Ruth and Martin's Album Club has featured some remarkable guests: Ian Rankin on Madonna's Madonna. Chris Addison on Marvin Gaye's What's Going On.

Brian Koppelman on The Smiths' Meat is Murder. JK Rowling on the Violent Femmes' Violent Femmes. Bonnie Greer on The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds.

Martin Carr on Paul McCartney's Ram. Brian Bilston on Neil Young's Harvest. Anita Rani on The Strokes' Is This It.

Richard Osman on Roxy Music's For Your Pleasure. And many, many more. Each entry features an introduction to each album by blog creator Martin Fitzgerald.

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