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Snake Eyes by Joseph D'Lacey
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Snake Eyes by Joseph D'Lacey

Product Information

Look. It's the new book by Joseph D'Lacey. The best horror writer that I know. Exclusively available in the UK from us. 
This book includes two novellas;
An isolated, drought-choked village. A starving community. When something big, red and inhuman crash-lands in a cabbage field, the villagers are divided: is this a scrumptious dragon for the barbecue or a toxic demon to be destroyed? And what if it’s something else entirely?

Robert Johnson dreams of spiders, thousands of them. When he wakes, the true nightmare begins: a tube has been attached to his head – to everyone’s – but he’s the only one aware of it. His cozy suburban life unravels into paranoid hallucination as Johnson fights to free himself from the control of unseen forces.
We have imported this directly from the US publishers to enable UK fans of Joseph to get their hands on the book.

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