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Please visit our new Big Green Bookshop Education website

click here for Big Green Bookshop Education.

WE LOVE BOOKS! We love it when we see people excited by books and reading. And we want to help schools to encourage that excitement. 

Read on for book sales, author visits and more...



  • We can get 90% of all books within 48 hours, and we deliver any order over £100 free.
  • All schools automatically get a minimum 10% discount on all orders.
  • We can supply all your CLPE core books orders.
  • We have our own vouchers, which are great for prize giving and reward schemes
  • We can arrange author visits, and can invite classes to the shop to meet authors too. It doesn’t matter where your school is (we’ve organised events in the Isle of Wight, Bristol and Manchester before)
  • We can do a ‘Spring Clean’ of your library, where we will work with you to help improve the range and focus of your school library


With over 35 years of children’s bookselling experience between us, we’re happy to help in whatever way we can.

Please get in touch.