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I Wonder What I'm Thinking About? by Moose Allain
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I Wonder What I'm Thinking About? by Moose Allain

Product Information

 I Wonder What I’m Thinking About published on July 13th, brings artist and illustrator Moose Allain’s best creations together in one place, in a colourful, amusing and sometimes confusing collector’s item.

Moose draws cartoons, comic strips, book illustrations, doodles, diagrams, maps and guides. He uses Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine and Photoshop. He makes photographs, captions, logos, web graphics, animations and films. 

He paints and he draws and he doodles. He writes short stories, puns, riddles, essays, to-do lists and to-don’t lists. He draws ducks, bees, Vikings, eggs, sheep, umbrellas and flowers.

If you’ve ever wondered what he’s thinking about… this is it. This book is filled to the brim with the best of his work, and at the heart of it Moose tries to work out just what it is that unites his amalgam of unique, funny and distinctly varied work.

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